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Teresa Herrin - Herrin and Associates CPA

Teresa Herrin
Herrin and Associates CPA

Favorite Color – I love purple, however, the color to live with around the home is blue and blue based colors.

Favorite Number – I am all over the place on that, I like 8 & 9 & 3.

Favorite Movie – again, many favorites,

            French Kiss

            Pride & Prejudice

            Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

            Dave    ; Etc….

What is your favorite ice cream and why? – I always mix 2 kinds, the deepest-darkest chocolate that they have with either chocolate chip mint or peppermint or a moca.

Where were you born? – Nurnberg Germany

How long have you been in the industry you are in? – since 1984.  I graduated from Seattle U in 1984 and started at a small CPA firm that year.  I am glad that I have worked in smaller CPA firms instead of a Big 8-4’s as I feel I have learned more of working with a company from the start through the tax return.  In a larger firm you are channeled into either Auditing or Tax, not both. 

Do you have children or pets? – Yes!

What is your favorite part of your business? – Helping people

Do you have any hobbies? – Yes, but not much time to do them.

            I love to make jewelry

Tell me about your family –Pat & I have 2 boys, 23 & 25. I started my own business as I knew that if we were both still working at CPA firms then we would never see our kids, as the CPA firms expected sooo many hours. Pat and I are both CPA’s. So I have worked from home the whole time raising a family.  We love dogs, and Jasmine is our second golden retriever.  I also love birds and had a parakeet since I was in grade school, however, they make my husband nervous so I don’t have them now, sad.  Our favorite vacation has been going to the ocean, Oregon or WA, beaches. We have a couple scary stories of when our son did not listen when we told him we needed to run when we saw a large wave coming.

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