No-Nonsense Networking for Business Professionals

For Bad A$$ Businesses!

About N3 - No-nonsense Networking!

N3 focuses on all of the great parts of professional business networking; built on the foundation that strong relationships generate great business opportunities. A few of our guidelines include:

  • Weekly Meetings (100% attendance is recommended for the best benefits, but 50% attendance is our required!)
  • Professional / Industry exclusivity (only one member per industry/profession)
  • Weekly presentations by our members
  • Weekly professional development discussions
  • Only $100.00 annual fee to offset costs of Meetup, Facebook advertising and other minor incidental costs

Wendy and June have been advocates of networking for over fifteen years.  It has been one of the most effective marketing tools in our arsenal.  Our group is serious about expanding our membership base and we are seeking like-minded business professionals who are also interested in growing their businesses.  We are very much looking forward to meeting you, or a representative of your company.

Operating Policies

  1. Only one member represents one profession/industry.
  2. Meetings are held each week for between 60 – 90 minutes (depending on the size of the membership).
  3. Attendance is strongly recommended at ALL meetings. However, members who miss more than 50% of the monthly meetings, in back to back months will be asked to relinquish their representation of the profession/industry.
  4. Guests may visit the meeting two times, prior to submitting their application to join.
  5. The weekly Main Event speaker brings the door prize give-a-way.
  6. The week following the member’s Main Event presentation, said member will host the Professional Development Discussion portion of the meeting.
  7. Policies are subject to change.
  8. Members agree to indemnify and hold harmless N3 and its individual members for claims arising from participating in the networking group.

Operating Procedures

  1. Profession/industry conflicts will be resolved during the application process. Profession conflicts should be submitted by the member to the meeting host, via email, prior to the application for membership being approved.
  2. Profession/industry classification changes require the resubmittal of the application for membership.
  3. Members failing to honor the Agreements will be asked to relinquish their representation of the profession/industry.
  4. A membership fee of approximately $100.00 per year is required at the time of membership approval.