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Stephane Boss - byDfault Promo Products

Stephane Boss
byDfault Promo Products

Favorite Color - Charcoal

Favorite Number - 5

Favorite Movie – Princess Bride, Lady Hawk… and any movie related to the templars

What is your favorite place to run? – Running in the mountains and in the French Alps in particular

Where were you born? – near Paris, France

How long have been in the industry you are in? - 6

Do you have children or pets? – 3 boys

What is your favorite part of your business? – having happy customers with the branded products they received.

Do you have any hobbies? – running beyond the Marathon distance.

Tell me about your family – married to Nathalie for 25 years, moved to the US from France in 2006. Three boys: 23, 21 and 15. My grandfather was a printer and dad was a graphic designer from whom I inherited a passion for customer service and details.

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