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Lauren Pace - Family Resource Home Care

Lauren Pace
Family Resource Home Care

Hello there, I'm Lauren! I'm originally from San Diego but have been living in Washington State for about 15 years.

A little more about me..

Favorite Number? 8

Favorite Movie? Tommy Boy

If you could any flavor of ice cream; what would you be and why? Pistachio, anything pistachio

Where were you born? San Diego, California

How long have been in the industry you are in? 5 years as a caregiver, about a year doing business development for home care.

Do you have children or pets? I have one four-legged daughter named Lacy who is a Schnoodle.

What is your favorite part of your business? Helping people and improving lives

Do you have any hobbies? In my free time I love to dance, travel, shop, walk my dog and hangout with friends.

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