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Julie Wheeler - LakeRidge Insurance

Julie Wheeler
LakeRidge Insurance

Favorite Color? -Red/ preferably neon red - I think it's called "poppy red" I also weirdly really like black - although I guess that's not technically a color.

Favorite Number? -probably 7 - I was born on Sept. 7th, and my husband is HUGE James Bond Fan.

Favorite Movie? - very eclectic there are -3 - Mystic Pizza, Fisher King, and Gone with the Wind.  I also liked Steel Magnolias -strong women who stick up for the people and family they love regardless of how dysfunctional.

If you could any flavor of ice cream; what would you be and why? -Actually Ice cream is one of the few guilty pleasure things I am not that crazy about, but if I had to pick - either chocolate w peanut butter or pralines and cream.

Where were you born? -  Detroit - Mo-town baby, in 1960 - I firmly believe I may actually be the missing white Supreme.

How long have been in the industry you are in? - as hard as it is to admit, almost 36 years, yikes, that makes me feel old.

Do you have children or pets? - Both - 2 kids, girls, age 29 and 25, and 3 cats.

What is your favorite part of your business? - customer interaction -hands down.  Love helping young people with their first home purchase and explaining what they need and also maybe don't need right now. Love the fact that I have been around long enough to help the grandkids of my original customers!

Do you have any hobbies? -  My hobbies are mostly my kids and family, if I am with them, anything they want to do and include me in is my hobby!  Other than that, I love sports, theater, 80's music, Disneyland and standup comedy.

Tell me about your family - My husband Kit, married 35 years as of March, 2 daughters - Stephanie age 29, (my mini me), and Shannon 25, who is much more like her Dad, but we all get along great, and the fact that they still want to hang with us and go on vacation with us is the biggest validation Kit and I have as parents!  The parenting is done, now we party!!

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