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Jackie Phairow - JPhairow Photography

Jackie Phairow
JPhairow Photography

Hi. I’m Jackie and I am a dreamer. I love laughing, good chocolate and red wine. I also have a personal mission to change the world one wall portrait at a time.

My husband and I decided to move our family to the Pacific Northwest 10 years ago from California and have happily settled into Woodinville. I have three kids and they are very active in the community. From Cub Scouts to karate and band, they keep us busy.
My photography journey started 17 years ago when my grandfather, who was an amateur photographer, offered to capture my wedding. I love my grandfather dearly, but my wedding photos came out nothing like I remembered my wedding day feeling. The disappointment over my photos gave me a deep desire to better my own photography and to provide people with images that not only capture memories but that also capture the feelings of that moment. I want people to look back on their photos and remember the joy, the warmth, and the love.

Living in this digital world, I came to realize that many of my clients were not printing out or displaying their photos. How can you feel the joy, the warmth, the love if it’s stuck on your computer? That’s why I decided to open a full-service photography studio. I want to capture all of life’s moments and then create custom print products for all those beautiful memories. I want people to treasure their moments every time they walk by a canvas in their house and I want future generations to flip through albums to relive the past.

My name is Jackie and if you’re a dreamer like me then I’d be more than happy to change your world, just tell me which wall.

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