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Darylene Dennon - Solid Energy

Darylene Dennon
Solid Energy

Favorite Color - Royal Blue

Favorite Number - 13

Favorite Movie - Forest Gump

What is has been your favorite project and why? - All of my projects are my favorite because of how much I enjoy what I do.

Where were you born? -Regina, Alberta, Canada

How long have been in the industry you are in? - 32 years April 21st

Do you have children or pets? - I have a step child and a cat

What is your favorite part of your business? - Solving problems, project management, satisfaction of giving the customer what they asked for in completion and the friends I make with my customers

Do you have any hobbies? - Golfing, gardening, walking/hiking

Tell me about your family -2 brothers Craig lives in Kingston & Steve lives in Lake Havasu, AZ

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