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Becci Olmstead - Your Amazing Arrivals

Becci Olmstead
Your Amazing Arrivals

Favorite Color - Purple 

Favorite Number - Any number with a pattern like 12:34  11:11  10:10   

Favorite Movie - Comedy  

What is your favorite oil and why? - That’s a hard one !!  So hard to decide!  Digize has the most powerful fast effect on me, It takes my stomachache away before I even finish rubbing it on my stomach. 

Where were you born? -  Brigham City, Utah  

How long have been in the industry you are in? - since 2015 - 5 years 

Do you have children or pets? - Yes four children 2 boys and 2 girls and two grand babies A boy and a girl.  and great rescue dog some chickens, and friendly hummingbirds that visit us daily 

What is your favorite part of your business? -  I would say; Meeting new people and sharing these little miracle bottle from nature with them. And Helping them find solutions to help with their concerns so they can 😁 smile and live their best life!!

Do you have any hobbies? - Yes many  Diy crafts, macrame, puzzles, gardening, chickens, games, pictures, animals, sports, Trying new this hings and new adventures  

Tell me about your family  they are most important to me!  Love spending time with them.  I come from a big family and I’m very close to all of them.  I have Four grown children. Three live near me and one in AZ.  My daughters just had babies and now I’m a grandma (GiGi) and excited to watch them grow up and spoil them. My Husband and I love to spend time together, travel and go on adventures !!

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